Josie's Home Style Bohemian Dumplings
Located In One Of The Oldest Neighborhoods of Chicago  
6733 W. Pershing Rd
Stickney, IL   60402
  Tel: 708-749-7868 / Fax: 708-484-1886
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Czech Out The Region's Best Dumplings, "Cesky Knedliky".

Steam billowing with the scent of sweet doough in a spotless storefront factory in Stickney, Illinois. Hundreds upon hundreds of raw dumpling loaves, each about 18 inches, lie in rows on a long white clothed table. Near one wall, cauldrons bubble away filled with "knedlicky" (Czech Bread Dumplings) swelling and cooking.

Imagine your next roast pork, roast duck and sauerkraut feast with these magnificent perfectly made dumplings. End your feast with a tantalizing fruit dumpling and coffee or tea. Your taste buds will go crazy!

Dumplings are typical of the Czech kitchen and are not similar to dumplings made anywhere else. Czechs like to say that the dumpling is the mainstay of every meal. These mouth watering home style Bohemian dumplings fill the bill. Czechs fron all over the United States are thrilled to be able to have Josie's dumplings on their table. How about you? Even if you're not Czech you will love them.

The staff at Josie's Bohemian Dumplings rise at 5am every day, Monday through Saturday, to make this magic dough. And what magic it is... traditional knedliky and assorted dessert dumplings filled with a variety of fruits, sweetened cheeses and poppy seed. Serve them with a little butter or cinnamon sugar and let your imagination take you back to old world cooking in Babi's kitchen.

This is what culinary dreams are made of!

Take a look at all of Josie's will be so pleased that you did. If you're in the area, drop by to see (and smell) for yourself why Czech dumplings are a treasure to behold.

Dobrou Chut!